Thursday, January 12, 2012


The Nester is having a party encouraging us to set some goals for our home this year. Included in this "checklist" is a list of what we would like to accomplish in 2012.  Joining in on this party gives me the opportunity to reflect on my goals for the year and writing them down.

To start off I'm making some overall personal goals.

Be content and thankful for what I have.
( ...and be content with such things as ye have: for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.  Hebrews 13: 5b)

Like many of you, I don't own my home and can't do anything structural to the home; but there are still many things I can do to make it lovely and make it our home.

One of the things I accomplished last year that I’d like to continue to work on and complete this year is reupholstering the wing back chairs. I have one completed and would love to have a matching pair.

Brighten up the space!

~ sew some new pillows with pops of color

~ new paint for the laundry room and kitchen

 Continue DIY projects.

Save money by shopping thrifty stores, garage sales and retail sales.

Continue to be inspired by all your great blog posts 
and Pinterest .

Utilize organization skills giving more order 
to our home.
~ organize our storage area
~ organize my office and closets

Have you set any 2012 goals for your home?

(I will be doing a post on shopping for less, but wanted to join the party today. Sorry about the delay.)

Have a great day!


  1. Great goals. The wing back chair is beautiful! I'd want a pair too! I just wrote some of mine yesterday, but mainly same as yours.

  2. Stopping over from the Nester's party! I love your wing chair (especially the trim around the seam)! You are right, it needs a friend!

  3. I love your first chair! Finishing a second one is definitely a good goal.

  4. So good! I have lotsa ideas floating in my head and one goal for this year is to add something "beautiful" to my home each month. I guess I'd better made a check list. THANKS! :)

  5. Since I decided to really work on having an attitude of gratitude, my life has been changing in subtle, and not-so-subtle, ways ever since! There are always things we can do to make our world, and others', better! Thanks for your post!



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