Thursday, February 17, 2011


Progress on my living room makeover.

Slowly I've been gathering and working on my living room makeover.
When working on a limited budget you need to be patient while looking for the perfect pieces.

Over the past few months, I've been trying to find just the right curtains for the living room. I thought I had found them a few months back when I found brand new curtains from Target at Goodwill, but after taking them home and hanging them, I decided against them because they looked more like bedroom curtains.

The search continued until I ran across a pair at TJ Maxx that were just the right price and color for the room.

With curtains in hand, the search was on for new curtain rods.

This room has large windows (98inches),
taking up most of the wall.
Getting one large rod wasn't a great idea in my mind...
just to much rod showing on the 98 inch windows.

While doing a little blog reading I ran across this idea at
Thrifty Decor Chic's blog.

Short rods!

My search continued until I found 3 rods that would work great,
but not a 4th rod...sob..sob!
But then I found a tie back with the same knobs as my curtain rods, and a little light bulb in my head went on.

Create my own rod!

Here's what I did...
(it had to be low cost of course)

removed the knobs with bolts intact from the tie back -

keeping the bolts intact made the project much easier.

But now, what to use as a rod that will be inexpensive
and yet the correct size?

Then I remembered an old broomstick sitting in our garage...


All I had to do was cut it to the correct length
and drill pilot holes in the end of each end; followed by a few coats of metallic spray paint.

Here you can see the knobs screwed in
on each end of the broomstick.

I followed Thrifty Decor Chic's idea, and
shorten the rods to 23 inches.

Here's a few close up shots of the rods.

Here they are hung.

Please overlook the pink wingback chair -
remember I'm working on reupholstering them.

When I'm finished with them I'll share
the whole room makeover!

(Answer to the question -
Which rod is the broomstick?
the lower right rod).

Could you tell?


  1. Ha! We have TWO pink wingback chairs too!! They were amazing Goodwill finds that we really need to recover. Ive never done anything like that at all though, so tackling it myself might be an overreach :0)

  2. Great way to use your noggin!


  3. Nope, I couldn't tell at all, great idea and like you I like to create on a budget:)


  4. Genius idea. They look sharp! I may have to use this trick too!

  5. What a creative idea! Love your blog. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such sweet comments. i am your newest follower. Thanks again!

  6. The drapes look great! I am in the process of doing drapes and curtain rods for an oversized bay window...what a pain! haha. Thanks for following my blog. I'm following yours too. God bless!

  7. Really good Concept.. The drapes are amazing...Thanks for sharing this wonderful post..Keep it up.

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  8. Where did you find the drapes that are so short in width? Did you make them yourself?

  9. Where did you find the short rods?

    1. I found them at Ross. They were a little to long so I had my husband cut them shorter.

  10. Just buy towel rods from Ross or TJ Max. They work well too. And very easy to put on.



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