Monday, November 12, 2012


Can you believe it's almost the middle of November and Christmas is right around the corner?  The weather is turning colder, I even saw a few *** snowflakes this morning. The stores are starting to look festive with all their Christmas decorations.  I usually don't even think about Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving, but we'll be out of town the first part of December.  So I've started thinking a little earlier about Christmas projects.

 This weekend I made a Christmas tree to use for a part of  my decorations this year.

Here's the DIY instructions if you'd like to make your own tree.

The supplies you will need -
            - wire ( I used a floral wire purchased at a thrift store .49 cents)
            - cone shape object, either paper mache or styrofoam (cone - $2.49 from Micheal's)
            - wire cutter

This is so simple ,  all you do is start at the tip of the cone with the wire.  Bending  the wire tightly around the tip of the cone, then begin  wrapping the wire around the cone in a downward spiral.

When your wire gets to the bottom of the cone twist the wire slightly around the previous row of wire.  Then snip the wire using a wire clipper. 

Now carefully pull the cone out from the bottom of the tree, leaving the wire intact.  You've now have your own

 Wire Christmas Tree!

 Total cost for this tree .49 cents.  I'll be using the cone for another project.
Making this a very inexpensive tree.

I may look for a little star to put on top of the tree to dress it up a bit more. 


disclaimer - I do not take credit for the originality of this tree, as I got the idea to make this tree while browsing a magazine or on line, but do not recall the source. 

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