Tuesday, June 14, 2011


On Wednesday, June 15th, the Nesting Place is hosting a party.  It's a yard sale linking party to show off some of your favorite yard sale finds and treasures.  I love parties and yard sales, so I'm joining in on the fun.

I've had so many great yard sale finds over the years.  I started going to yard sales with my mom and two sisters at a young age.  We'd look forward to this once a year event for weeks (there weren't any garage sales in the small town where I grew up).  My sister and I knew yard sales meant new clothes and things for our room.  We'd wake up early and drive an hour to the city with our sack lunches in hand.  As you can tell I'm a well experienced yard sale shopper.

Yard sales offer a great variety of things you can buy from clothing to decorative items for the home.  You can even find furniture and tools!  Here are just a few of my  finds.

Great Household Decorations

Bathroom Decor

Seasonal Decor

and even

Wedding Decor !!!

Using yard sale items for weddings can help keep costs down a lot!

Here are some examples of my favorites!

  posts for more fun diy's and savings ideas.

The table skirt I made using new fabric purchased for $3.00
Candle holders and candy jars for .25 cents to $1.00
A large bag of tulle for $1.50
Ring bearer pillow $1.00 
(We added the embellishments our self to the pillow.)
Table clothes $1.00
Flower girl basket .50 cents 
(We completely recovered the basket with fabric and embellishments.)
Plant stand pillars $1.50 for the set! (I couldn't believe it when I found them so cheap!)
A very large box of Christmas lights....some still new in the boxes, as well as the plastic hangers to hang them - $3.00
Six (boxes of twelve) wedding votive candles $1.00 per box
Rose petals one large box .50 cents
Pillar candles .25 cents and .50 cents each (Nobody even knew they were used at another wedding. You always pre-light the candles at rehearsal anyway.)
Hanging bench lanterns .50 cents 
and even two brand new boxes of 8 lantern hangers .25 cents


  1. I love them too! You found some great stuff and I have always admired that Big Ben Clock, mom used to have one like it:)


  2. Great finds. Your wedding pictures are beautiful!

  3. Those are all great finds but the lantern is my favorite! I have been at garage sales and antique stores all weekend shopping for our new beach cottage- it's so much fun isn't it??



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