Thursday, January 19, 2012


Everyone is trying to make their dollars stretch these days.  I've had people ask me how do you make your home look so great on a small budget.
Some of us have grown up living on restricted budgets, while others are just starting this process by downsizing and spending less. This time of year is a great time to find sale and discounted items.

Here are a few simple tips that I use.

-Shop clearance and sale items at your retail stores.

-Thrift stores and second had stores like Goodwill
are places where you can find quality items at great prices.

    -Shop garage sales 
    -Make use of  places on the internet like Craigslist, Kijiji, Freecyle, ebay  
    -Shop discount stores such as dollar stores.
    - Warehouse stores can also save you some money, be aware there may be annual fees so evaluate if it's a big enough savings to make it worth the investment.

      Craigslist is a network of online communities, featuring free online classified advertisement.
      Kijiji is a online network that has free classifieds site with millions of ads.  
      Freecycle is a website that you can list items to give away, or browse free items.
      Ebay is an world wide auction online where businesses and people buy and sell a variety of items.
      Goodwill auction is an online auction  where you can buy a variety of items, even vehicles.

      If you shop online take advantage of days with free shipping or discount codes (These code are kind of  like using a coupon, but you enter a code instead of a paper coupon). 
      -Paint is a frugal shoppers best friend, if you don't like the color of an item paint it!

      -Student and senior discount days or a day  marked as a sale discount is another great way to save.

      -Use coupons

      -Sign up for store membership - usually you will get coupons, emails etc. with advance notice of sales and discount coming to the store.
      -Sign up for birthday clubs (restaurants)~ usually there is a gift or discount offered on your birthday. 

      -Take advantage of free printable downloads ~ you can get anything from subway art, banners to paper dolls for your children.
        Happy Savings = Happy Shopping!


        1. Great tips, Joy! Thanks for organizing and sharing.

        2. Thank you for you kind words at Harrison Home.. I am glad you stopped by, following you now! Love your vintage white sewing table, I have one from my Grandmother that I love and wanted to use it as a furniture piece in my home and painting it white is the perfect answer!!

        3. Thrifty treasures are so fun to find!
          Thanks so much for your kind comment on my gray shelf makeover.



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