Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Custom built furniture is a luxury to have in your home and I've been blessed with many pieces.  As I've told you before, I've got a very talented husband who can build furniture.  Some time ago, I showed you the pieces of furniture he has made for me.  I told you he had another project started.  These projects may take a while because he works on them in his spare time; and he doesn't have a lot of that.  Some of you have asked about this project so I thought I would reveal the latest project even though it's not completely finished.

~Ta da ~ 
The Hoosier Cabinet 

He's planning on making leaded glass doors to go in front of the top shelves.

He even made a custom tambour door that our bread machine sits behind.  The tambour door was built by gluing slats of wood to a piece of fabric, making it bendable to slide up and down like a roll top.

The Hoosier is a perfect place to display the antique dishes given us from our grandparents and great grandparents.

The side shelves hold flour, coffee and the 
coffee grinder.
He installed electricity in it, making it easy to run the coffee grinder and bread maker.
I'll soon be putting my coffee maker on 
the bottom shelf.

Here is how it looked all decorated for Christmas.

I think he did a great job on this piece of furniture.  I'm so thankful for his love and the use of his talents to make custom furniture for me!


  1. It is really a skill if you can design and make furniture out of scrap materials. It is creativity that leads you in doing this. Your husband is really blessed.

  2. Custom furniture increases the beauty of home. Custom furniture plays an important role in interior designing.

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  3. Great list!
    If you're going to invest in something it should be furniture. It should last you a loooong time.



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