Monday, January 30, 2012


This past Saturday I helped my daughter host a baby shower for my oldest daughter and newest granddaughter.  We decided to make cupcakes the theme of the shower.  My daughter and I had a lot of fun planning and preparing for the shower together.  One of the first things we worked on were the decorations.  

We started by making "cupcakes".

We made three of the large cupcakes.

I found these cute little cupcakes to add to the decor.

The cupcakes were place on flannel at various places in the kitchen and living room.

 On top of a book case with a few candle cupcakes placed to each side and a rolled up burp cloth on the self beneath. (I made the burp cloth using flannel and a cloth diaper.)

The top of the fireplace mantle.

White Christmas lights were strung on the mantle.  We added pink ribbon to the cord and cupcake liners = shades for the lights.
 Each side of the mantle was flanked with cupcake artwork that my daughter made.  She used the same design that she created for the shower invitations.

A mirror was used as the center piece for the food table.  We placed two sock cupcakes, hair ribbons, and pins along with a cupcake candle.

Sock cupcake

For the food table, a piece of fabric I already had
  served as the table cloth. 
(Have you also noticed the polka dot theme going on as well?)

The cupcakes

I made these diaper nut/mint cups.  In the next few posts, I"ll share how to make these cute diaper cups, along with the DIY instructions on making the larger cupcakes.

The guests of honor ~ my daughter and granddaughter!

I can't resist .... I have to share the photos of both of our granddaughters at Baptism.

 They are both so cute and such a joy and blessing to us!

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  1. Everything is adorable... especially your Grandbaby!

  2. Super cute theme...and the baby is even cuter! :)

    BTW, how do you put the watermark on your photos (your blog name)? I've been seeing that a lot lately on blogs, and I need to start doing that!

  3. I use Photoscape for editing my photos and adding the watermark. Southern Hospitality just did a great post on using Photoscape. You can read it at
    She shares some other great tips as well.

  4. Your cupcake theme is precious! I love the little diapers with the nuts! CUTE!



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