Friday, November 15, 2013


It's been almost two years ago since I first saw a beautiful wreath pillow at Pottery Barn.   The beautiful tone on tone pillow is still on my mind almost two years later.

You can imagine my disappoint to find out that it's no longer available, but then I thought to myself: "I can make that"!   We woke up to snow last week and four degree temperatures this week; and because of the cold outside, I started to think about Christmas and winter projects.  It was the perfect time for me to try making a pillow.  While browsing  on Pinterest, I saw a few knockoffs for this pillow, one of them from The Decorated House.

Here's what I did to create my own version of the pillow.

I gathered supplies that I had around the house.

Linen fabric
1 sheet of white felt (the 25 cent craft sheet)
1 package of pompoms
Pillow insert
Fabric glue
Scissors/ rotary cutter and mat

I began by cutting my linen fabric (the dimensions of the pillow insert are 16 1/2" X 16 1/2").  The 1/2 inch is your seam allowance. 

I like to reuse pillows: a pocket pillow is an easy way to cover up an old pillow.  To create my pocket pillow, I followed the same instructions as in my tutorial on pocket pillows.

I wanted my wreath to be in the middle of the fabric and  round, so I used a dinner plate as a guide tracing lightly around it.

Now it was time to move on to creating my leaves.  I didn't take a photo of this step, but I simply drew a leaf to the size and shape I wanted.  I then traced the shape of the leaf onto the piece of felt.  You may think cutting all the small leaves is very time consuming, but I just sat one evening while watching TV and cut them out.  It really didn't take that long.

I then began placing them on my cloth.  Once I had them placed where I wanted them, I put a small dab of fabric glue behind the leaf to hold it in place.  After the glue had dried I took the project to my sewing machine and began sewing the veins into the leaves.  Since I wanted the vein to show up on the leaf, I used a slightly darker thread than the fabric while still keeping the tone on tone effect.

After all the leaves were sewed on, I then began to randomly place my pompoms.  Once I had them placed where I wanted them, I glued them to the fabric using fabric glue.

I left it dry over night (I wanted the glue to dry completely before inserting my pillow).  The next morning I inserted my pillow, and the project was finished.

This pillow could be created using different color felt and pompoms or colored fabric to give it a little different look.

Have you made any projects lately?  Have a great day!

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