Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Board and Batten for the Bedroom

While thinking of what we would like our bedroom transformation to consist of ~ coastal and board and batten are two things we decided on.

You may ask what is board and batten?

According to About.com Guide the definition is:
"Board and batten, or board-and-batten, describes a type of exterior siding or interior paneling that has alternating wide boards and narrow wooden strips, called battens. The boards are usually (but not always) one foot wide. The boards may be placed horizontally or vertically. The battens are usually (but not always) about 1/2 inch wide. These battens are placed over the seams between the boards."

While I love true board and batten, you must remember we live in a parsonage, and can't do major construction changes. The room already had a chair rail installed in it, so we decided to make use of it by applying the board and batten below it. Here's what we started with...

We were looking for a cost efficient way to do this; and, while shopping at Lowe's, we found laminate flooring for a good price. My husband cut it into 1 1/2 inch wide strips, and applied them below the chair rail, placing them 14 inches apart. The strips were secured in place using 3/4" 23 gauge pin nails slanted in slightly for better hold in the sheet rock. The pin nails are a good choice because they require no nail hole filler.

I then applied a coat of primer followed by two coats of soft-gloss snowblow white Valspar paint. (Green paint is difficult to cover !)

Here is the out come after 3 coats of paint...

My husband applied the last of the board and batten last evening, and today I'm applying the final coats of paint. I still have a few projects for my husband to build for the room. We love how it's turning out! I can't wait to show you the room when it's finished, so come back and visit. Joy
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  1. Oh Joy how pretty it looks! The preacher is handy to have around huh? LOL! I love it! God bless you! ~Robyn

  2. That looks fantastic, and so smart of you to use laminate flooring that was on sale. I would never have thought of that.

  3. Love it...I'm getting ready to my own board and batten and I love seeing others...and how great it looks!

  4. Oh what a great DIY project. You are one clever and crafty girl.

    I just finished a project that took 23 years to complete.
    Come take a peek.

  5. What an amazing look...thanks for showing it off at NIFTY THRIFTY TUESDAYS!


  6. Board and batten is my newest obsession! I absolutely LOVE your results!

  7. I love board and batten. So beautiful. I must do some of this!

  8. Wow, that's beautiful!! I'm so glad you have a handy hubby like I do to help with all your creative energy. Thanks for linking this to Woo Hoo! Wednesday and I'm thrilled you won the feature for this week. Hugs, Marla

  9. That is amazing! I love the transformation....

    Warm blessings,

  10. Joy, you and your hubs did great,, I love folks who think outside the box and let their creativity flow, at a bargain price. It looks fabulous~!


  11. What a blessing to have someone willing and able to do such tasks.:) I love the outcome!
    The Tattered Tassel

  12. Great job! Your lucky to have a husband who can help you. Happy Wednesday!

  13. That's an awesome idea!!! I'll have to file that one for later use!!! It looks great!

  14. It looks lovely! What a great idea. ::Jill

  15. Hi Joy,

    What a great result you achieved on this project - outstanding, really!


  16. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished room. Thanks for playing along today.


  17. Beautiful! I'm trying to imagine the laminate flooring you used- was it those strips that lock together?



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