Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wingback Chair

My living room makeover has been coming together, but I've been struggling with my living room chairs. I have two "pink / mauve" chairs that I've had in our living room for about 15 years. The chairs were an inheritance gift and were high quality chairs. They remain structurally very sound chairs, but are very dated because of their color and fabric.

My first taught was to make some drop cloth slip covers, but decided against that.

I then found a set of chairs like these faux leather Avington Slipper Chairs from Target.

photo source -

I even took a pair home, but they looked too small and dark for the space
along with the fact that my husband didn't like them because they lacked arm rests.

So I'm back to the wing chairs!

Jo Ann's fabric had their duck fabric half price last week so I bought some white fabric thinking I would reupholster the chairs.
Here it is laying on one of the chairs.
It looks too light compared to the room's cream/tan colors, wouldn't you agree?

So I'm off once again to Jo Ann's to look for new fabric.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bathroom Makeover Revealed - Bead Board Wallpaper

I'm finally back and able to blog after being gone. It has taken me a bit to recover from vacation, a cold and going out on pastoral calls with my husband.

You may recall back in October in this post, how I had two rooms in the makeover process. It's taken me quite some time to get these rooms finished.

This bathroom has had problems since the day we moved into the home. I'm constantly fighting mildew on the walls and ceiling. When the old ceiling fan died, the church building committee decided to put in a new bigger fan. I thought the problem would be gone, but no such luck! Since this room is so small and no windows for ventilation, it continues to get mildew on the walls and ceiling. I've been washing, priming and painting them every 6 months. Having used up the last of the beige paint. I decided to go with a darker richer wall color with an anti-mold additive in it. I hope it will work!!!

Here are a few before photos....

If you read my post back in October you'll recall my mishap with paint the paint color. I did end up having to buy a new gallon but got the color I wanted.

I love bead board , but since we live in a parsonage and don't own the home, I decided to go with something less permanent and costs efficient.... paint-able bead board wallpaper! You can purchase it at your local hardware store. I found mine at Lowe's.

Here are a few photos of the work in progress....

(note old towel holder...dark and ugly).

...adding the new blue paint to the top 1/3 of the walls.

... the bead board wallpaper was added next.

... trim and thrift store Ikea mirrors were painted white.

.... my husband added the trim board between the paint and wallpaper.

...the bead board wallpaper was painted white, and the Ikea mirrors hung,
adding depth and light to the room.

... the oak wood surround the mirror was painted white,
giving it a fresh and new look.

... the shelf is hung with fresh "new" (use what you have) accessories and towels.
Garage sale baskets add texture and height to the shelf, along with some bath salts in a thrift store jar.
The blue vase was a keep sake from my grandmother,
while the starfish was a souvenir from one of our coastal vacations.

... accessories added to the counter include a .50 cent soap dispenser
and a wire basket from Goodwill to hold the toilet tissue.
The basket reminds me of these baskets from Pottery Barn.

...I've had these apothecary jars for years and are a great way to store bathroom items.
... they remind me a little of these Pottery Barn jars, but at a fraction of the cost. ( using what you have).

The "new" towel bar was purchased for .49 cents at my local thrift store.
Doesn't it look much better than the old wooden one? Much cleaner and not so dark!!!

Some of you may be afraid that adding a dark color could make the room look too dark and gloomy. I have found just the opposite by adding a dark rich color along with a bright white made the room look very bright and cheery.

What do you think?

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home Again!

I'm back!!!
Did you miss me?
I have a little secret to share with you ....
I've just returned home from a two week trip.
This was the first time in 13 years we were able to spend
Christmas and New Years with our families!

It was quite the trip .... we traveled over 3500 miles and spent 60 hours riding in the car (lots of family bonding time). We weathered through icy roads and a whiteout snow storm! Yikes!!!
Our trip home was delayed by two days due to freeway closures, but that meant more time with our family :)
What joy and blessing to spend the Christmas Holiday with family and friends!

While traveling home, I started to come down with a cold and have been sick for the past week.
I'm starting to regain my health, and hope to be back posting soon!

Please forgive any delays in answers to emails, I'll be getting back to you soon.

Here are a few of my photos of the beautiful scenery we enjoyed on our trip.


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