Thursday, April 7, 2011


Many of you have asked me "where do you find all your great deals"?  My answer - thrift stores, garage sales and sale items in retail shops. Today I'll focus on thrift stores. Economic times are touch and thrift stores are amazing places to find  quality items like clothing, furniture and house hold items for a fraction of the cost of new.

Things to bring with you while shopping at thrift stores. 
(I also bring these while garage sale shopping).

1. Tape measure
-for measuring furniture or clothing

2. Traced copy of your child's shoe

- if you're planning on buying shoes.  Place thrift store shoe on the traced copy of your child's shoe to see if the shoe will fit. Remember that shoe sizes aren't always visible in used shoes.

3. Sheet of paper with each family members sizes and measurements 

- this will aid you when buying clothing.

4. List of what you're looking for or a "wish list".

Things to keep in mind: 
1. Look outside of the box - can the item be re-purposed or made over.

2. Look for higher end items at great prices.

3. Watch for clearance wracks.

4. Shop often - I often stop by the thrift store while on another errand in town.

5. Check the item over carefully - look for damage, dents, stains, and missing parts. 

-If you plan on refinishing or painting something, scratches are fine, but if it's missing something vital to the piece or badly ripped or stained, leave it and continue shopping. 

Do you shop thrift stores?


  1. 4 yrs ago, my husband and I bought a temporary house trailer while on a job through the winter months in Utah. I bought everything for it from the D.I.except for a new matress.paint and an open mind can do alot for the budget.

  2. u another. Love it! I am the thrifting queen here in Florida. Love to re-purpose and re-cycle found objects. I display treasures I find while listing them in my ETSY shop. I enjoy them and if they sell...well...all the better! I've been tracing shoe for a while aren't always with me and when I see a bargain it's good to know if it will fit or not. One Very easy way to assure it will..



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