The Parsonage

I live in a parsonage along with my husband and children. You might be asking what is a parsonage?  A parsonage is a house provided by a church, for its pastor and family to live in. The reason I live in a parsonage is because my husband is a pastor ~ thus we have the privilege to live in a parsonage.

In this blog I share how I make the parsonage our home, below you can have a sneak peak of the inside of our home ...  

(Click on the heading of each room to see more photos.)

The New Parsonage

We moved into this parsonage on February 6, 2013

(This was the parsonage we lived in with my husbands first charge as well, from
August 1991 - February 11, 1997  There have been changes to the home since then.)

 To read about our home the parsonage.  Click here.

The living room is the first room you walk into from our front door.

Our Family Room

A small bedroom becomes the family room.

more of the new parsonage to come.....

The First Parsonage

We lived in this parsonage from February 14, 1997 to February 1, 2013

The Kitchen Makeover for less than $50

The Laundry Room

                                              Office/Craft Room

Office Closet Makeover



                              Dining Room

                              Master Bedroom


                              Family Room

                                   Half Bath

                                       More to come soon.....


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