Tuesday, January 10, 2012


As you know, I love to shop thrift stores.  I find some great thrifty deals at these stores.  

Here are a few of my finds from today.

Four Coffee Mugs 

They're an asset to my little coffee nook in the kitchen!

I also found this cute picture to hang on the wall beside the nook.

Above it hangs a wire wall hanging purchased from a garage sale this summer.

 Under the cabinet is my .25 cent coffee spoon purchased at a garage sale.

 Isn't it amazing what you can purchase second hand for under ten dollars!

In my next post I'll have some great tips on 
"shopping for less".


  1. The past year I have really become a thrifter and have found some amazing things! Happy hunting :)

  2. HI! Just found your blog a few weeks ago.I'm also a pastor's wife. We lived in a parsonage for 4 years in Nova Scotia. Now we are in New Brunswick and are renting but I still like to decorate with good deals! :) I enjoy your blog.

  3. Your thrift store is AWESOME! and you have such a good eye for spotting things & putting them together so nicely! I need some of your inspiration... our "parsonage" has lotsa bare walls. :)



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