Friday, February 1, 2013


Saying goodbye has always been a difficult thing for me to do.  I guess I'm like my Dad in that respect, he and I would always cry when our vacation ended and we'd  leave my Uncle and Aunt in Michigan and have to go back home to Minnesota.  Tears come easily for me, and I know how hard it is to move! I remember our last move all to well.  I have such a mixture of emotions - excitement for the move, making new friends and settling into a new home, but sorrow for what we will leave behind.

 The Parsonage that we called home for sixteen years.

I'll be sad to leave behind  family and also the friends we've made in this home.
When you're leaving a place it always has you reflecting back on the past.  As I think back over the past sixteen years, (it will be almost 16 years to the day that we moved in - Feb. 14, 1997).  I remember driving up to this home with my husband and children for the first time.  The children's ages at that time were from 3 years to 16, they're now 19 - 32 years of age. ( Oh, how time flies by).  There are so many joyful memories here.  In this home we celebrated many birthdays and Christmas's,  planned two weddings, welcomed two son-in-laws and two granddaughters into the family.  The Lord has blessed our family richly!

There were many changes made in this Parsonage to make it out home. The first was to add hardwood floors to the dinning room and kitchen. (this photo was before the trim was even added).

Bathroom makeover

Master Bedroom Makeover - Board and Batten added to the walls.

Living-room  made over.

The laundry room and kitchen where made over too.

And my last project that I've enjoyed a few short months - my office.

I'll miss the mountain view from the kitchen window
 and the Pacific Northwest with all of God's beauty that surrounded us while living here.  
The change of the seasons here was breath taking!

Farewell Washington!


  1. Good luck on your drive. What a bittersweet time (well truthfully probably mostly sad) leaving family and friends behind. I hadn't realized you had such a beautiful view - lucky you. I would love to soak that view up even for a few days. I hope you find love and friendship quickly in your new home.

  2. I wish you all the luck and prayers on your new adventure!

  3. While I am one of those weird people who enjoys moving...(I guess I like new beginings), it is a bitter sweat process.
    Lucky will be the next ministers wife to move into such a lovely house!

  4. Yes, moving between churches is bitter-sweet (we have done that a few times). The next pastor and his family will be so blessed to live in a home that was so well taken care of and updated. A true labor of love.

    Safe travels and I can't wait to see the new parsonage!

    Heather B.



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