Friday, February 15, 2013


 Today I welcome back Brie from Breezy Pink Daisies to share one of her genius thrifty DIY projects.  Thanks Brie for being here today as my guest!


Hi Thrifty Parsonage Living readers! I'm Brie from Breezy Pink Daisies and I'm so excited to share this mini project with you because it is so easy, it took me all of 30 seconds!
Do you have an old sweater? Do you not sew very well? Well, go ahead and make your own leg warmers with only a pair of scissors! (Well, and that old sweater we were talking about..)
 DIY leg warmers made out of a sweater 

My inspiration: This old short sweater with stains.
Projects to do with an old sweater

So, project #1 with the sweater involved chopping off the sleeves and putting them on my legs. Make perfect sense of course. (Since the bottom of the sleeve is already finished, I wear that part on the top and don't worry about the bottom since that will be covered by the boot anyway.)
Okay, I don't walk around like this...but don't you love my Christmas socks? :) I might recommend wearing these leg warmers only when you plan on keeping your boots on. haha

Yay for leg warmers that look so cute with my boots!
Sweater sleeve leg warmers to wear with boots - no sew DIY
(Yes, I cropped my head out on purpose. I promise it looks cuter this way)'s a cute picture of me with my head included just because it is cute and so is my hubby. Oh my, don't you wish it was summer time again? 
Oh well, at least I'll be enjoying my new leg warmers in this fabulously cold January weather!

Thanks again for having me here! Don't forget to stop by Breezy Pink Daisies and feel free to follow me on GFC, Facebook, or Blog Lovin' so we can get to know each other!!


  1. How fun! I need to try this before winter is over in Texas!

  2. So, with that sweater, I can see the hood being turned into a bonnet type of hat, and the rest cut and made into mittens or potholders.....



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