Monday, October 10, 2011


It's been almost a year since I told you about the search for a new couch for our living room.  For the most part the living room has been done for a few months already. I've been waiting to reveal the room to you because I'm still working on reupholstering the second wing back chair.(We've had a busy summer and fall.)  I've kept you waiting long enough, and will reveal the room to you almost complete.

I wanted a sofa in a neutral color, one that won't go out of date as fads come and go. After much searching here's what we finally found on sale with an additional 10 % off the sale price. 

The sofa came with geometric design pillows,
ugly according to my taste.

No problem.... I just whipped up a few new pocket pillow covers.  Read my diy instructions for making pocket pillows if you'd like to make your own.

Here's the old and new sofa.

The first thing I found that gave me a jumping off point for the room was this rug from Tj Maxx for $29. I wanted to incorporate some new colors. It also gave me the idea for adding circular items to the room.


This purchase inspired me to apply a new paint color to the two existing burgundy colored walls.

Using the "what you have" motto: I decided to use left over paint from our master bedroom makeover and the beige that was on two of the exiting walls in the living room.

 New paint color for the walls.

Yah! Much softer cooler colors!

The next thing was new curtains for the room.
After shopping, I found some that would work great for the room, but now I needed new curtain rods. Since I'm thrifty this gave me another DIY project ... the curtain rods .

You can imagine the excitement I had while shopping a few months later, when I found a smaller rug with the exact pattern of the rug under the coffee table.
The next large purchase to come into the room was a Christmas gift from my husband, a new coffee table.

Now for the accessories:
Adding the accessories to the room was fun and added the finishing touches.  Most of the accessories for the room where from garage sales and thrift stores.

Wall Art

I found these plate chargers for 99 cents at a thrift store and thought they'd work great above my newly reupholstered chair.  See the repeat circular element in them.

This $2.99 Goodwill shelf was hung in the entry area for guests to hang coats on. Once again, I was excited to find accessories just perfect for this self second hand for a total price of three dollars. The little lamp was the perfect circular shape as well.

New art work ($29) for above the sofa was discounted because of a small ding in one corner, nothing that a little touch up paint couldn't take care of! 


The Goodwill lamp that got a makeover, 
take note of the circular/swirl pattern on the shade.

More Accessories

 This display was placed on the the cedar chest and curio cabinet.

Here's a glimpse back to what I started with. 

and the after.

After with a few fall accents.

A few simple changes of pillows and table top change the look for fall.

Thrifty Parsonage Living


  1. Well done on the living room makeover - it looks great. I have always loved the wing chair recover you did and the blue on the walls and accessories tie together so well.

  2. Looks beautiful, Joy!! Great job! Lots of work, I'd imagine, but it really paid off! I'll bet it's so relaxing to sit in there now. Very calming colors and accessories. :)


  3. It looks amazing! I love your new wall color, couch, and coffee table...well, I guess I just like it all! You've done a great job for a great price!!

  4. I love this make over! Your color choices are great - the whole room looks up-to-date and stylish but not overly modern or stuffy-- looks very inviting and homey. Good job!



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