Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Today I'd like to welcome Kristen from Joyfully Thriving as my guest blogger.  Thanks Kristen for your help while I'm  busy with moving.

Kristen writes about all things frugal (including free samples) at her website, Joyfully Thriving. A pastor's daughter who now teaches in a parochial school, she is well equipped in the art of thrifty living. Kristen writes to encourage others in their frugal journey so we may all thrive joyfully in the process! 

 There are many thrifty and frugal strategies that one can employ, but my favorite technique is one that anyone can quickly do. What is that, you ask? Request free samples. Take a look at what samples arrive in my mailbox on any given day.

Now, what samples, and where do you find them, and why should you? Let me give you my top five lists of all things relating to samples. Here are my top five reasons for signing up for samples.
  1. It’s nice to open my mailbox and receive something other than bills.
  2. It doesn’t take long to regularly see the results of my sample requests, as evidenced by my full mailbox.
  3. I like getting something for nothing.
  4. My travel bag is always lighter thanks to the little shampoo and conditioner samples.
  5. The coupons that come (most of the time) with the samples help round out my coupon box. I’m saving money by requesting samples!
I request many samples, but my favorite samples / freebies to request are as follows.
  1. Shampoo and conditioner. We all need to wash our hair so these samples will never go to waste.
  2. Laundry detergent. Nothing makes laundry easier than knowing you are washing your clothes with free detergent.
  3. Deodorant. These samples come in mini containers that are perfect for travel and last for at least a week - perfect for vacation time!
  4. Food samples. Why shouldn't we try new foods for free?
  5. Magazines. I haven't paid for them in years because free samples / trials abound with no risk and prompt delivery!
In my years of requesting samples, here are the top five things I’ve learned about samples.
  1. Always use a junk / spare email account when registering for samples. Most times, you won’t receive email but you don’t want it filling up your main email account.
  2. Don’t be disappointed if a specific sample doesn’t come. 9 times out of 10, my samples arrive but I don’t expect them until I see them in my mailbox.
  3. Request samples through reputable sites such as Freebies4Mom, Money Saving Mom, or the ones that I post at my site, Joyfully Thriving.
  4. Don’t spend lots of time searching for samples. When a good one comes along, sign up quickly and then go on your merry way.
  5. Have fun with the little frugal moments as well as the big!

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