Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Hi everyone!  I'm glad to be back after being absent for a few weeks while we were moving across the country. A BIG thank you to everyone who helped me with guest posts.  I'm thankful to report our move went well.  I was a bit nervous about the thought of moving and traveling 1700 miles on winter roads, and many miles on mountain  roads. I'm thankful for answers to prayers, the Lord provided dry roads and safe travel.

Today I thought I'd share a few photos of  the final days - packing up the trucks.   The final day of packing we woke up to a beautiful morning and this was the view across the road from our home.  Oh how I will miss the breath taking view.

We rented two 26 foot trucks along with a dolly to tow our car.  Four men from our new congregation in Minnesota flew out to help with the packing and driving the trucks, while my husband and I drove our pickup pulling out boat.

Everything had to be packed very tight to save space and ensure no shifting while on the road. Heavy items such as books where placed in the front of the truck.

You can't have to many blankets.  We had 10 dozen blankets and used all of them.

The furniture was covered with blankets first, followed by shrink wrap to keep the blankets in place.  We wrapped the legs on the furniture with bubble wrap and then shrink wrap.  We used up two small and two large shrink wrap rolls.  I think we also used up 10 + rolls of packing tape for all the boxes.

My husband built a plywood ramp out of the house for easier loading, eliminating the need to go down steps.

We were so thankful for all the people who helped with our move.  We had help from our congregation in Lynden along with the men from Minnesota.  Our granddaughters even gave us a little help.

One to supervise and the other to help pack boxes :)  

My husband built some wracks to place odd shaped furniture on.  This made it possible to stack other items on top of furniture.  He also built crates around items like the lawnmower and exercise equipment.  By doing this we were able to make use of all the space in the trucks.

The men giving their backs a rest.

We finished loading the trucks by noon on Saturday, giving us the opportunity to show our guests the beautiful country side we lived in.

Mt Baker and the Twin Sisters - view behind the Parsonage.

The  Puget Sound.

Deception Pass

My next post I'll share about our new home....
The Parsonage.


  1. I've been thinking about you lots! I'm so glad you arrived safe and sound to your new home.

  2. I'm a recent new reader of your blog. My husband is also a pastor. We moved to Vancouver, BC, from Texas 8 years ago, then 2 years ago moved farther into the interior of BC to pastor another church there. I've been through Lynden many times - it's such a beautiful place! I know you hated to leave. But I also know that when the Lord moves you . . . He makes it easier to go. I wish I'd found your blog sooner so we might have met in real life sometime. I do plan to continue following your blog, and wish you God's blessings in your new place!

  3. Beautiful pictures, Joy! I didn't know you lived in Lynden! My son and his family live in Abbotsford BC. We have driven through Lynden many times :) It's a beautiful part of the country - how nice to have a sunny day on your move day!


  4. I'm glad the move went well. That was quite the trip you had so I'm glad you had dry roads and arrived safe and sound.

  5. Welcome back, have missed your posts, but I also loved the guest posts while you were gone. God sure made nature beautiful there!

  6. I can't wait to see the pictures of the house!:)

  7. I can't wait to see the pictures of the house!:)



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