Monday, January 14, 2013


 I know I've been MIA this past week, but it's been a bit busy here with packing in full bloom.  You might be wondering about the progress of our move.  I'm starting to feel like I'm drowning in a sea of cardboard boxes.  The parsonage isn't that large and with everything having to be placed in boxes, we are now walking through allies of boxes.

If you've ever done a large move across  the country yourself, you'll know what a HUGE and daunting chore it is.  First it's the going through and sorting of everything.  Then the endless yards of paper and wrapping of each item.  There are the many trips to the grocery stores for FREE moving boxes, and numerous trips to Goodwill to get rid of the stuff you've purged.

I feel like I'm living in limbo, our house doesn't feeling like home anymore.  Once the pictures come off the walls and curtains come down the house starts to have an empty feel to it.

I'm hoping to do a post (if I have time) on tips for moving. I think I've learned a few things along the way that are helpful, since this is our 13th move in 33years of marriage.  I'm also still looking for a few more people willing to do a guest post for me.  The post doesn't have to be a new post, you could share a post you've done on your blog already.  Please send me an email if your interested.




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