Thursday, January 24, 2013

MOVING TIPS (part 3)

Here are just a few more trips to help make your move a little less stressful.

Relocation Reminders
(I have this in my moving binder.) 
 Change of address forms sent to post office.
Change of address to all subscribed papers and magazines
Transfer insurance policies or set up new ones before leaving.
Notify electric, water, gas and phone companies when to discontinue your service.
Children's school records
Doctor and Dental records

Pack a box with first arrival essentials.

(When our daughter went off to school , I told here she needed one of these boxes.  
She thought it was a bit silly, but thanked me for it later!)

 Light bulbs and flashlight 
 Medicine, Shampoo and soap
 Trash bag
 Toilet Paper 
Paper plates and cups along with plastic silverware
 Basic tools - hammer, pliers, screwdriver 
Paper towels and napkins
 First aid items 
 Make sure this box is in an area in the truck that will be taken off first, and placed in an area that is easily accessible.

(Here's my arrival box that I've started to pack.)

Pack a car bag for your trip, if moving a long distance.

Snacks and beverages
Maps and or GPS
Games for the children
Hotel reservations
  (Making the reservation before leaving your home can take the stress off while traveling).

I'm hoping to share more about our move in the future, but for the next few weeks I'm very thankful to have some blogger friends willing to do guest posts for me.  

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  1. Wow girl, you have to be one of the most organized packers EVER. I hope I can remember a few of those tips when we move next.



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