Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hi everyone! I'm planning to share a few post over the next few days on moving tips. My post may be a bit brief for a while because of being so busy with moving.

Tips For Moving

# 1  Create a moving binder.

Keep track of everything in a binder - moving costs, estimates and an inventory of your items.
Keep a log of transfer of records - school, dental, medical records, newspapers, magazine, change of address and change of email address.

#2 If you're doing your own packing, 
get the essential supplies. 

Collect boxes from grocery stores or buy them from a moving company or large stores such as Home Depot.   Mattress bags or boxes are a must to prevent damage to your mattress.

We have found these items to be essential along with many rolls of packing tape and paper.  We usually go to our local newspaper office and buy unprinted paper end rolls.  This works great for wrapping and does not give off ink like newspapers do.

Shrink wrap and bubble wrap are also two must haves. 

You can use this to wrap around mirrors, photos, and other delicate items.
  We also use the shrink wrap to keep the moving blankets and padding around the furniture.

To save on space in the moving truck pack bedding and pillows in space saving bags.  These bags also help protect your bedding from getting soiled.

Come back and in my next post I'll share more tips.

I'm off to more packing :)


  1. Good luck and have fun! Yes, I am one of those weird people who think moving is fun....
    I also enjoy leaving something behind for the next person who is moving in--such as a basket with a local map, TP and paper towels, paper plates, cups and napkins, phone book, list of local babysitters, churches, phone numbers of nieghbors, scout, 4H leaders, and homeschool coop, and a map of what plants are planted where in the yard with a picture of them in bloom. Someone did that for me in my first house, and it was so helpful I have always passed it on each time I have moved.

  2. Wow! These are great tips. Thanks for sharing the ideas.

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