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In my last post Tips For Moving   , I covered making a moving binder and packing essentials .  Today I'll be adding a few more tips.  We have always done all of our own moves, and never had the privilege of having professional movers do the job for us.  The tips I'm giving are what I've learned doing our own moves and could be different if you are dealing with a moving company.

3. Pack efficiently.

-Try to pack one room at a time placing items for the room in clearly marked boxes.  If you mix things from different rooms in one box it makes for mass confusion when unpacking.
-Make sure all the items you're packing are clean and or laundered.
-Place sheets for bedrooms in a dresser drawer .  This makes it easy to find the bedding when you are setting up the beds.  
-Use suitcases to pack extra clothing to save space.
-Fill every available space - we have packed clothing in our freezer.  Dishtowels in our microwave and light weight items in the washer and dryer.
- Do not pack items that are combustible.  If packing liquids such as laundry soap, place it in a plastic bag and then in a plastic tub with a lid.  If the liquid leaks it will not be running over all your other items in the moving truck.  When moving in the winter time and cold weather, I don't pack any of the liquid items just to avoid any items freezing.

4. Label Each Box Well

Place a label on each box and at the top of the label write which room it is for.
Under the room name include some of the main contents in the box,
marking fragile items clearly.  ( I mark FRAGILE in red).

-I used recipe cards and self stick labels for marking our boxes.
I also use some of the labels from The Project Girl  that you can print yourself.  I found these labels after half my packing was done, otherwise I would have used them for all the boxes.

-Number the box and in your moving binder write the number of the box with a brief description of what is the box.   This helps when you are searching for something while unpacking.
- Color code your labels or numbers according to room.  (Example - kitchen = red, bedroom = blue, etc.)  -Designate one box (I use a plastic shoe box) to place all screws  and brackets in.  I place each set in baggies marked with what item it is for.  Example - screws and curtain bracket for bedroom curtain rods.
-Pack a box with important documents, jewelry, and money.  Transport this in the vehicle you are traveling in for easy assess .

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