Monday, November 5, 2012


I had hopes to share my office makeover last week, but I was unable to upload photos or blog posts because of the bad weather causing our  internet connection to be down.  A very small inconvenience compared to what the people on the East coast are dealing with.  Today I want to show the progress of the office closet; and hopefully later this week, I'll be able share the whole room.

Wanting to keep to our budget (which is small and limited), I decide to keep an eye out for used materials.  I couldn't believe my good fortune while shopping our local thrift store,  I found a shelving package.  It had 4 lament shelves along with rail and brackets. The only problem was that I wasn't sure the shelves were the right length, so I passed them by.  A week later when I saw the price of materials (a package of two brackets at Lowe's - $13.37 and the rails for $12.60 each), I decided to go back to the thrift store and see if they were still there.  To my great surprise, they were still there and on sale for half price with a price tag of five dollars!

In the photos below you can see the progress of the shelves going up.

My husband decided it would be best to have 3 rails with three brackets for each shelf, because of the weight these shelves will be holding.  We ended up having  to buy two more brackets costing $13.37.

Total cost for materials = $18.37
Cost for labor = FREE, thanks to my dear husband for doing the work.

If you've missed any of the posts on the progress of the room, you can read past post by clicking on the highlighted area below.

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This makeover is almost finished and I can't wait to share it with you!

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  1. The suspense is killing me!:) I can't wait to see it all finished. It looks so nice already.



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