Monday, November 19, 2012


 I hope you all had a great weekend.  As you know, I've been  working on a closet makeover in my office. While working on this I made a little promise to myself.  I'm going to get our home more organized.  Not that it's a total unorganized mess, but it definitely could use some sprucing up.   Thus began the process of sorting, purging and organizing.

As part of the organization process, baskets were added to the closet shelves.   Wanting to know exactly what was in each basket, I add chalkboard labels.

You can buy  ready made labels in stores like Pottery Barn, but they come with a price tag of $8  for a set.   I thought making my own labels would be more budget friendly and a  fun project to try using some chalkboard paint.

Here's is what I did.

Taking a piece of scrap wood from the garage.  I sanded the wood smooth and had my husband cut the wood into  2 1/2"  X  3 1/2"  pieces.   I then  had him drilled two holes at the top of each piece.

 Taking these pieces, I then applied three coats of chalkboard paint.  Making sure the paint was completely dry, I allowed it to dry over night.  (One step I didn't do was sanding between each coat of paint.  I would recommended doing this, because on mine the grains of wood did shine through a bit in the end.)

The next morning I prepped the chalk board labels. This was done by talking a piece of chalk and rubbing the entire surface with chalk.  Followed by cleaning the chalk off each board with a dry cloth.

The next step was to thread a piece of twine through the drilled holes, using this to attach the labels to the baskets.

The last thing I did was simply label what was in each basket.  I did this by writing with chalk the contents of each basket;  fabric, gadgets, stamps and WW (weight watcher).

These labels were made for mere pennies by DIY!  They'll also help keep my office organized and make it  easy to find things.


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