Monday, September 24, 2012


Do you remember me telling you that I'm planning on making over our sons bedroom?  I've been gathering and collecting items for that room. But as it turns out we have taken on another project as well.  It's the closet in my office.  The Parsonage is small and has very small closets (Causing - clutter because of the limited space).  The closets have a lot of wasted space in them.  In the photo below you can see the wasted space between #1 and the #2.

 There are two side shelve up there but very difficult to access.  The measurements for the closet are 49 wide by 72 inches high and only 22 inches deep.  I would love a walk in closet, but I'm thankful that there is at least a closet in the room.

My husband is very skilled carpenter/woodworker.  He's such a great guy and lovingly builds things for me and helps with makeovers. (Things he has built for me in the past includes our headboard, Hooiser cabinet and  many other pieces of furniture,.  Click on these links to see each of these items.  The Headboard includes the plans to make your own.)   He has agreed to help me with this closet.  If I had to do the carpentry side of remodels, I'm afraid the wall might fall down when I was finished with it.

I've been gathering some inspiration photos-

I love this closet/office from IHeart Organizing.  The wall paper and colors that Jen uses in this space are so my style!

Another closet that I fell in love with is from Duo Ventures. 

I love the organization in this closet using Ikea storage boxes.   I think we will have to make a stop at Ikea for a few of these boxes.  The nearest Ikea for me is a two hour drive.   We  will be bringing our daughter to the airport the first of October, giving me the  opportunity to shop and pick up a few of these.

The closet/office from The Blooming Hydrangea - Note the stenciled wall and once again Ikea storage boxes.

You can look forward to the progress of this space in future posts.

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  1. I love stenciled walls - that would be so fun in a closet/office space!

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies



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