Monday, March 21, 2011


I had such a great weekend this past week. Our family did something we've never done before: we had a 2 1/2 day get away to a near by city.  We stayed in a lovely Embassy Suites Hotel. We enjoyed each others company while relaxing, swimming, viewing museums, fine dinning along with some shopping.

Here is a view from our balcony at the hotel.

Everyone got some R and R; and we did a lot of catching up on each others lives.

While at the museum, we went through a butterfly garden.  Here are a few of the many photos I took.  They were so beautiful...

Our daughter is a beautician, and did all the girls' hair before our big night out.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together at a nice restaurant!

It seems like a lot of bloggers have been shopping at Ikea lately -Beneath My Heart -Thifty Decor Chic  -Lettered Cottage .
They are not alone!  On Saturday morning we all headed over to Ikea for some great shopping.  We all attended a cooking demonstration. A big bonus was given to the first 10 guests. 

We all left with a bag of Ikea goodies.
-measuring cups
-spoons and laddle
-dinner serving tray
-ikea bag

I took my camera in the store intending to take photos, but I got so caught up in the shopping and having fun with my family that I completely forgot to take any photos.

I did, however, get a very cut little faux plant that I've added to my spring vignette in our dinning room. Doesn't it look real?

Some people are opposed to faux plants, but for someone who doesn't have a green thumb, they're great! 

Both Ikea and Pottery Barn feature faux plants, so I'm guessing it's ok to use them in my home.

You can see it displayed in my dinning!

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  1. I've only been to Ikea twince. The last time was about five years ago, so I think another trip should DEFINITELY be on the cards!!!


  2. What a great weekend you must have had - love the butterfly photos. My daughter and I go to IKEA a couple of times a year and always enjoy it. There is so much to see and such good prices for dishes and serviettes and things.



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