Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Signs of Spring...
and they are showing up everywhere.

Spring is when everything comes to life again; and you think of eggs and chicks hatching.
It has me reminiscing of the days my children were small 
and so excited
when we got baby chicks.  

I decided to create a spring vignette for my dinning room
table using a bag of eggs I bought at TJ Maxx that came in a
cute burlap bag. 
When I got it home and opened it, the eggs all had little raffia hangers on them.
Since I didn't want to hang the eggs, I removed the raffia,
laid the bag in my $1.00 garage sale basket,
added the eggs 
and used the raffia as filler to look like straw.

My thrift store chicken was placed beside the basket to 
watch over the eggs.
The entire arrangement was placed on a place mat purchased
from a thrift store.


  1. I love the eggs in the basket. So cute. You always find such great deals at garage sales/thrift stores!

  2. Spring is my favorite time of year, it just puts me in a great mood! Love your makeovers with coastal themes!




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