Saturday, March 26, 2011


Yes it's true, I've been featured!!! yea!

Thanks Beckie! at My Knock Off Decor for featuring my Pottery Barn Inspired Topiary.

I'd encourage you to drop by her blog Knock Off Decor  to see my feature and read some of her posts. She features great knock off projects from various places like Pottery Barn, Anthropologie and Ballard Designs just to name a few. Her sight is a great place to get inspired! I know I've been inspired after visiting.

To view the original post, go here.  

As promised here, today I'll share with you how I made this - seed pot.

It's another one of those very easy projects that even a child can make.

Here's what I started with....

...One .49 cent clay pot.
(purchased from a thrift store)

White craft paint - diluted down with water
to make a white wash.

Seed packets
( .5 cents each from a thrift store)

And a brown paint pen.

Using the white wash, I gave the clay pot one coat of paint allowing it to completely dry.  I then sketched the words "seeds" free hand with a pencil, and then traced over the word "seed" with the paint pen.

It isn't perfect by any means, but that adds to the "antique" look .

Lastly I placed the seed packets in a random arrangement in the newly created seed pot. When I think of spring, I think of planting and new things coming to life in our garden, so I thought this was a fitting addition to the spring vignette.

If you missed the DIY of my spring vignette, you can view it in its entirety here and here.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on being featured! What a neat blog!

  2. This is a great pot idea! I can't wait to start working on my flower garden...Great inspiration.



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