Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shutter Card Holder

I recently visited the Habitat for Humanity store and this is what I found...

...an old beat up shutter!
(.79 cents)

As soon as I saw it I knew exactly how I would make it into something bright and new.
A Christmas Card Holder.

The first thing I did was sand it down, followed with several coats of spray paint.
Finishing it by adding a picture frame hanger on the back.
Before hanging it making sure the louvers were slightly open,
to create a space for the cards to slip into.

I thought about adding some sort of Christmas embellishments, but decided against it.
This way I can use it year round to display photos or birthday cards.
Doesn't it look pretty with all the glittery cards displayed on it.

Speaking of Christmas cards, another easy and thrifty thing I did was framing a pretty Christmas card we received last year.
I rummaged around the house and found a frame and some ribbon.

Placing the card in the frame and then added the gold ribbon to hang it.

Making the final cost ... nothing!

My Epsom Salt Ornaments &Candle have been featured
at Someday Crafts hop over to her blog to see them.
She has a great blog with a lot of craft ideas

Thanks Michelle!

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  1. I totally want a shutter card holder! I've seen this on other blogs before the holidays...people who leave it up all year for mail and what not and loved it then but I think I love it even more up by the tree like that for Christmas cards! Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. I love this idea! I have been looking for some old shutters...no luck yet though...the search continues! ~Deb~

  3. I LOVE this!! I think my lunch break may be spent at the Habitat store tomorrow.

  4. Love this...always love when your post, you have such great ideas!

  5. I love the shutter card holder, what a unique idea! :)

  6. That is a very pretty shutter now. I'm on the blog hop too. Krylon Ivory is one of my favourite colours. I spray painted two goldish lamps and they look soooo much better.



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