Monday, July 26, 2010

Everything Coastal

I've been gone to the coast on a vacation with my family.
We had some fun and relaxing days despite cold weather
and only a day and half of sunshine.

We enjoyed hiking and walks along the beach...

shopping in many of the little tourist shops...

...including this cute old fashioned candy shop...

...and this lamp shop.

I love all the lamps with the coastal theme!

The painting on the sides of buildings

and street lamps added to the coastal atmosphere.

Here's the view we enjoyed on the beach.

I recently found this painting at a garage sale for a dollar...

and it reminds me of this!!!

It will look great hanging in my laundry room

and will remind me of our great time at the coast.


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  1. Hey Joy,
    Love the pictures! Reminds me of a little town in California we used to visit in the summer. It is called Cayucus, there are so many fond memories there. Thanks for bringing them all back again!

  2. Joy,
    Sorry that your beach time was so cold and rainy, but anytime at the beach is always GOOD! Thanks for sharing this pretty painting at NTT!


  3. How fun that you found that painting! Your pictures are beautiful, I can't wait to get back to the beach.
    thanks for stopping by!

  4. Enjoyed your beach pics! they are getting me in the mood for our upcoming vacation to the beach : ) the painting was the perfect find!!
    I'm loving the thrifty wedding tips you've posted - I'll be needing these soon enough!
    happy monday

  5. What a perfect find. What better way to remember a memory with that painting plus the added benefit of making the laundry room pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What a great picture to find. I would love to be at the beach even if it is rainy. I'm going to stick around and check out your drop cloth curtains.

  7. Fabulous painting to find, it really does look like your vacation beach.
    I guess it was meant for you to find it.



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