Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DIY Favor Boxes for Your Wedding

Wedding Wednesday

Wedding favors are small gifts given at wedding from the bride and groom. They're given to their guest as an appreciation memento of the joyous occasion.

In early European years they were know as a bonbonniere. It usually was a small box made from crystal, precious stones or porcelain. A cube of sugar was usually placed inside the box (as sugar was an expensive item that only the rich could afford). As sugar became less costly over the years, almonds were used in place of the sugar cube.

Around the world, there are a variety of traditions ~ Spanish will give a small vase filled with orange blossoms. The Dutch give a "Bridal Sugar" 5 pieces of candy representing the wedding wishes. At Italian weddings ~ a chocolate covered almond is given as a memento.

Having looked into the history of wedding favor gifts, our daughter chose a wedding gift box as one of her favors along with the candy buffet that I told you about in a precious post.

The boxes were of course another DIY.

We ordered the boxes online unassembled,

so this required assembling the boxes ourselves.

We then adding shredded paper...

... and placed a sweat chocolate heart inside for a treat.

As a finishing touch, we added a ribbon and a wax stamped monogram.

Here they are setting pretty and ready for the wedding guests.

Happy Wedding planning!!!


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  1. Love the wax stamping, so classy! Lezlee

  2. Ok! The wax stamped monogram is the PERFECT touch! I'm sharing this with my friend from church who is getting married next year!

  3. Very elegant. I love the wax seal on the top!

  4. I just love the waxed monogram. Such a perfect touch!

  5. Lovely table...beautiful little favors.

  6. Love them! Where did you find the boxes?

  7. Very cute! :) I also made almost everything for my wedding, i had so much fun! :)

    You can see it here if you want:



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