Monday, December 5, 2011


Things are starting to look very festive and a lot like Christmas at the parsonage.  I started to decorate for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  This year I decided to change things a bit, and most of the decor is done in blue, silver and white along with some beachy accents. 

I'm planning to give you a little tour over the next couple of days.

I'll begin by showing you our Dinning Room.  Here's  the Hoosier cabinet all dressed up.

Of course most of my decorating is done on a budget and inexpensively.  The two wreaths and greenery were purchased at a thrift store last year.  The candle vases were also a real steal!  The one on the left is a vase from a garage sale bought for 25 cents.  I just added a small candle holder and candle on the inside so that it matches the candle sconce on the right. The sconce on the right was my best find.....FREE at a garage sale!  It had an old dirty dusty melted candle in it.  I had to work at getting the candle out, but the effort was well worth it for something free.

In fact most of the decor on the Hoosier cabinet is from thrift stores and garage sales with the exception of the mason jar, blue candles and the starfish. 

Did you recognize my DIY Epsom Salt Candle and Ornaments from last year?  If you missed my post on how to make them, the DIY information is here.

A snowball candle, snowflake ornament and stands, greenery and some faux snow create this little vignette.

In the corner of the room sits the cabinet my husband made for me the first Christmas after we were married.

I placed a silver cloth on the top of the cabinet and added two small trees.  The one tree was in a red pot, but I fixed that problem by placing the trees in white bowls.  For finishing touches, I added a starfish and a sprig of berries along with a few ornaments.  On the wall beside the cabinet, I hung a shutter (the one I made over last year) to display our Christmas cards.

Please come back to see another room in my
Parsonage Christmas Tour!


  1. What a beautiful festive look you've created in the dining room.

    I, too, love frugal decorating. . . . and you've done a marvelous job!

  2. Love to see more of your hutch is it a hoosier hutch? I love furniture pieces. Great job with the lights on top and the sea theme.



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