Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beautiful Weddings On A Budget

It all begins with...LOVE!!!

Every girls dream is having a beautiful wedding.
Do you realize you can have a beautiful wedding without spending your life's savings.

You can do this by implementing some of the savings tips I'm planning on telling you about in the next weeks and months in Wedding Wednesday. I'll share with you the things I've learned this past year while planning our daughters' weddings. ( the way did I tell you these weddings were a month apart!)

First things first....
~take a note pad or note book

~sit down with your daughter or the young couple and discuss things about the wedding. What are their hopes or dreams for their wedding day and come up with a budget.
~be organized and keep a notebook and ring binder with all your information are two crucial things.

Once the wedding date has been set a few things that need to be done first are....
~booking a location for the wedding,
~officiant and photographer
....especially if your wedding will take place in the peak wedding season (summer).

Savings in this area would be to have an off peak season wedding or mid-week wedding. By doing this you can get cheaper rates on many things. Our one daughter had a Tuesday wedding and received some of these discounts. If you're planning a honeymoon that requires flying, leaving on a Tuesday and Wednesday are usually discounted as well. you can move on to other things like.......

~food and beverages
~formal wedding wear
~wedding planner or coordinator

Happy Planning!

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  1. Looking forward to the whole series! (I have 5 daughters so I need all the frugal ideas I can get!)



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