Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thrifty Solution for Wedding Table Skirt

The head table is the focal point at the wedding reception. It's where the bride and groom will be seated along with their attendants.

Our daughters' wedding receptions were in facilities that didn't include table clothes or table skirts with the rental.

We wanted skirts not only for the head table but also for the cake and punch tables. After doing some shopping, we found them to be very expensive. We thought about renting them, but realized that would also be very expensive, (Rentals can run $100 plus for the head table alone).

I started watching for good fabric sales.
After a few months of waiting patiently, I hit the jackpot!
I found 3 yards of 120" wide brand new muslin at a garage sale for $3!

I cut it in half length wise ...

....added a hem at the top and bottom,

...then added gathering @ the top.

We also found a box of icicle Christmas lights at a garage sale for $3, (another big money saver). We placed them under the skirt to add some soft lighting. The question of the did we keep all of this attached to the table?

Our thrifty solution ....

two sided carpet tape! It worked great!

So what do you think of the end results?


Lighting ~ $3

Fabric ~ $3

Time ~ priceless

total cost ~ $6

A pretty thrifty solution don't you think?

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  1. Oh it's so pretty Joy! Can't beat the price! Have a wonderful day :)

  2. Joy, you are simply amazing! I love your creativity.

  3. Very clever and sooo thrifty.

  4. Very pretty! New to your sight, have been having fun going over some of your back posts. So many neat ideas.

  5. Joy,
    Ahhhhh...your tablecloth is sooooo PRETTY and THRIFTY! It looks outstanding...great job! Thanks for coming to my party...hope you have a FUN time:)


  6. Hi..Barb from Tip Junkie..What a fantastic job & great garage sale hunting..A woman after my own heart!! I have 2 daughters that will need this in the not too distant future..I love saving & inspiration as well & your ideas have hit it right on!!
    I'm your newest follower....I'm from & hope you'll pop over to take a peek & see if you find anything that inspires you/family/home & become a follower of mine too!
    Take care & have a great week!

  7. Hi Joy,

    Outstanding! It has a wonderful ethereal quality that makes it all the more enchanting. So nicely done!


  8. I am amazed! Very thrifty, and so pretty with the addition of the lights. It's just magical!
    Happy White Wednesday!

  9. I'm really liking this idea. Cost saver plus beautiful. The added lights are perfect.

    Thanks for joining in today.


  10. Ooohh, I love a good deal....especially when it's that pretty! Well done!

  11. It's amazing what you can do on a budget! It look great!

  12. Beautifully photographed...should be in a wedding magazine!!

  13. Oh my this is gorgeous! I love wedding decor! Putting this one in my bookmarks for some later inspiration!!!

    popping by from Lucky Star Lanes!

  14. I totally love the twinkling lights behind the fabric at the head table!

  15. Hi Joy,
    This is so awesome! One question though; how did you attach the table cloth to the skirting? I mean how does the table cloth fit into this?

  16. I've had the question asked how the table cloth was attached to the skirt. It was placed next to the skirt and I used straight pins (hidden and placed into the tape) to pin the two together. The two sided carpet tape was what held the skirt up. The table cloth and skirt were separate from each other. I hope that helps explain it.

  17. This table is really beautiful! I really appreciate what you did here and what you did multiply. Awesome post and easy to follow!

    Folding Chair Covers

  18. It is really beautiful. I found a bunch of curtains at a thrift show i want to use for it. Were you able to take the carpet tape back off? i want to try this but i don't want to ruin my fabric.

  19. Amy, I didn't have any problem removing the tape from the fabric. It may depend on what type of fabric you are going to use, but it worked great for me.



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