Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beautiful Wedding Dress on a Budget

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

Finding the perfect dress:
Start your search by getting ideas of what's out there and what you like. We did this by checking out bridal magazines, internet bridal shops and attending local bridal fairs.

There are many ways that you can save a lot of money when shopping for the perfect dress. You can buy used @ consignment shops , thrift stores, classifieds from your newspaper, craigslist and internet shops. You can also use a dress from your mother, grandmother or friend. Check for bridal shop outlet stores where dresses are often sold for half price or less.
When planning a wedding on a budget, you must decide what your priorities are and where you want to spend your money. Our daughters didn't want to skimp on the dress of their dreams, but they did set a maximum price to fit their budget.

Shop until you find that perfect dress!
Here are the dresses are daughters bought....aren't they beautiful.


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  1. I found that when I went dress shopping, I wanted a less-conventional 3/4 length dress. I found my dress in the form of a pink bridesmaid or prom dress in the much less expensive sector of the dress boutique. I simply asked the saleswoman if the dress came in ivory, and voila, a $98 wedding gown with chiffon, lace, and ribbon. Perfect!

  2. How perfect and for a lot less money. You still found the dress of your dream at a fraction of the cost.

  3. I found my wedding dress on It's a great site where individual sellers and retailers post the sample and pre-owned wedding gowns.

  4. What a great find...we didn't see that site while shopping.

  5. I saw a dress I loved - $4000 in 1988, I found the much much cheaper version at a discount store. To this day i still get compliments on my dress! It is so worth looking around!



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