Tuesday, October 7, 2014


We had a very hard freeze here this past Friday night, now that brisk feeling is in the air each day.  I'd say it is safe to say that fall has arrived.  With the cool weather here and the gardening finished for the season, I've had a little more free time.  I've put out a few of my fall decorations, but I like to add a few new things each year.

I really like the white pumpkins along with the blueish gray "Blue Moon" pumpkins.   I tried to find some this fall, but found them difficult to find.  I then remembered  a blog post I read last year  "You can paint a pumpkin canvas, art skills not required" by Jennifer Rizzo.   I decided if I painted a pumpkin, I could enjoy it for the fall season.  I've done a few art and painting projects before but I'm not a pro.  I found Jennifer's instructions very helpful.

So here's my Canvas Pumpkin Artwork.

It's not perfect, but as the Nester says, " It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful"!

I followed the instructions Jennifer gave somewhat, but did a few things my own way.   Here's how I did mine.

I  started by putting a few drops of blue and white paint on the top 2/3's of the canvas. (I used what I had for paint. I used left over paint from painting the walls in our house.  I had to leave all my art paint in Washington, since we moved in the middle of the winter and it would have froze  in the moving truck).  I brushed and blended them together somewhat.

I then painted the brown sections with a bit of white.  I allowed this to dry completely. Once it was dry, instead of painting the pumpkin using the "C" technique.  I took a pencil and drew the pumpkin on the canvas.  This gave me a template to paint on top of.  I followed Jennifer's instructions fairly close after that.

I did some dry brush blending to create the pumpkin groves.

I had an old frame laying around the house.  It was a brown stained oak frame. I just sanded it down and spray painted it black.

It was then ready to hang on our dining room wall.

I'm not sure if I should keep the black frame on it, or leave it just as a canvas.  What do you think?
Do you think it's kind of weird to hang your own artwork in your home?  I always feel self conscious about that type of thing.

I've been busy with several projects this fall.  In my next post I will show you my home fall tour, followed by my sofa makeover.   Looking forward to hearing from you.


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