Tuesday, December 31, 2013


It's hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to a close. With the new year right around the corner, it has us looking back at what the years has held.  Below you will find a collection of events and projects that have happened at Thrifty Parsonage Living.

We started out the New Year with life changing news, our big move across the country.

We moved into the new Parsonage.

Most of the new Parsonage needed painting, 

Then the painting began .... every room in the house except for two received new paint.

I shared a few of these painting projects with you, one was how to paint horizontal stripes on  walls.

Another painting projected was painting a stenciled wall in the bathroom.

The stairs got a major makeover as well.

In the midst of all the painting, the Parsonage did get pretty for the seasons.

First was the Fall Decor.

Then Christmas was here before we knew it.

Despite all the painting that had to be done in the Parsonage, I did manage to get a few projects finished.

One big project was the rehearsal dinner for our son and daughter-in-law.

New pillows were made for the living room.

I also got a few projects finished for Christmas.  The Christmas Card display was one of these projects.

There were more projects along the way.  If you missed any of these you can read about them.  Just go to the right side of this page and look under 2013 for these posts.

We have been truly blessed in this past year.  The Lord granted us safe travel while moving across the country in winter weather.  We've been able to rekindle friendship with life long friends and family, and make new friends. We also celebrated my mothers 80th birthday . 

We had the privilege of witnessing graduations and our son and daughter-in-law's wedding.  
We have welcomed new members to our family ~ our new daughter-in-law and we await eagerly the birth of two grandchildren.  One of these little grandchildren decided to make us wait for her arrival, maybe she'll be a New Year baby.  She has only a few hours left to make it into the world in 2013!

 Have a great New Years Eve!


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