Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Have you been wondering what I've been up to this past week?   I've told you that almost every room in the Parsonage is getting a makeover with paint.  This past week, I've been painting in one of the basement bedrooms.

Here's a little reminder of what the room looked like before we started priming all the walls.

A bright sun and clouds on the ceiling.

 My loving husband primed and painted the ceiling for me since I deal with an old neck injury.

While he painted the ceiling, I primed and started to paint the walls.

Once the walls and ceiling were painted in the room, I moved on to priming and painting the trim and baseboard in the room.  I was horrified, however, when I went to remove the painters tape from the wood work!  This is what happened.  The former painter must not have done the correct prep work of sanding and priming the wood before painting. My mistake was to assume it had been done properly the first time, so I primed over the paint and this was the result. 

 The trim had varnished edges exposed and this is what the door looked like.  Yikes!!!

What a mess I had to deal with.  We don't own this home so what is one to do?  My best solution was to sand the spots down on the trim and completely sand the doors down creating a rough surface for the primer to adhere to.

Then they were ready to add primer.

I decided to let the primer dry thoroughly, so I moved on to yet another painting project, the kitchen ceiling.

I was so thankful that a  friend from church (thanks Kristi)  came to help me with this never ending ceiling painting.

The ceiling runs down the hallway, into the dining room, kitchen, and finally the back hallway and entrance to the garage.

I now have painting projects going on in the hallway and downstairs bedroom.  In the midst of all my painting, I'm also working on my continuing ed for my nursing license.  It needs to be done by May 15th.  I'm hoping to get my continuing ed done this week, and share a finished project/room with you soon.

Have a great day!

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  1. O my, did that door take forever to fix?? I've been wanting to paint our doors white...but am afraid of messing them up!!



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