Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Back in the end of August my camera died and my shopping extravaganza for a new camera began.  I wrote  how I was trying to decide between a DSLR or a Point and Shoot Camera.  I've done a lot of reading to help me make my decision  finding out the cameras others are using and what would be the best choice for me.  I checked out blogs like  Dear Lillie because I love the photos she takes and wanted to see what camera she used.  Reading what others had to say about their camera's was very helpful and contributed to my decision. 
  My decision is ..................... Drum roll  ............. the

 Nikon Coolpix 510

Source: via Joy on Pinterest

This camera is in the low to medium price range, but yet is a upgrade from what I had before.   It's a cross between a point and shoot camera and a DSLR. One review said it's like the difference between a Mac and a PC. The Mac comes with everything loaded ready to use and you can't change many things on it.  While the PC comes with things loaded but you are given the option to make changes or upgrade.  The Nikon Coolpix 510 is like a PC in that regard with its manual settings feature.  It also has a lot of other features I liked,  high-speed continuous shooting capability, built in GPS, full HD (1080p) movies with stereo sound (still and movies with up to a 42 X zoom)!  It also has the 3 inch vari-angle  LCD  movable screen.  Another big plus about this camera is that it comes with image stabilization, and high-resolution imagery  in LOW light!  I also like that it's not totally manual and I don't have to change lenses.  To some of you this may not be a plus, but remember I'm a real armature when it comes to cameras and taking photos.

I'm looking forward to its arrival and learning how to use it.  Hopefully you'll see some real improvements in the photos on this blog.  Please bear with me while I learn how to use the camera.

Here are a few of the great tutorials I found while searching for a camera.

Centsational Girl had a post on learning to shoot in manual setting.
I Heart Naptime has a series on photography and photography tips.
Life With My 3 Boybarians has a series - 31 Days of Photo Tips
The Design Confidential  - Learn to Shoot Like a Pro: with tutorials for beginners.

You can check out my Pinterest board for more tutorials and tips.

Everything I've said about the Nikon Coolpix camera is what I've found out and my opinion.  I'm not being compensated in anyway to give a review on this camera.  For those of you wondering,  I purchased this camera from Amazon.

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  1. How fun! It looks like a BEAUTIFUL camera! :) I'm a Canon girl myself, but I still think it looks pretty awesome! Have fun taking pictures!

    (I know I use too many exclamation points...I can't help it, I'm excited for you! lol)

    Brie @ Breezy Pink Daisies



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