Wednesday, May 9, 2012


You've been patient while waiting for my photos of our kitchen makeover.  I'm sorry for the delay and not posting for a while, but we were out of town for church work.  I've also been working on going through over 3000 emails because I've been bombarded with spam!  Things got a little busy thus the delay.  

Today I'd like to share how the kitchen and dinning room looked before I started the room makeover.  (Somehow my before photos got deleted from my camera, so I'll share some from my files and the few that I managed to find on my camera.)

The room was painted a with faux (Tuscany) look that included stenciled grapevines.  The photo below was taken before the Toile curtain was hung.

View of the kitchen from the dinning area.

The photo above was taken when we were tearing out the old floor getting ready to put down the hardwood floor.  You can see the walls in this photo. The glaze was applied using a feather duster.

The grapevines on the wall were a 4 step stencil that I painted.  I snapped a photo of them after I already had the blue painters tape in place while getting ready to paint.

Here is a view of  the dinning area taken while we working on wedding favor boxes.

The photo below is the room right after the hardwood floors were installed.  The baseboard wasn't installed yet. This photo is also before the toile curtains, otherwise the room looked pretty much like this before I started the makeover.

The dinning room curtains that I made.

The curtain in the kitchen was a thrift store find.

In the next post I'll share the new and improved room.  It's amazing how a few small changes can change the look of the room. 

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  1. Oh, I can't wait to see the afters!!! The suspense is almost too much...;)



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