Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Toile Curtains

Curtains and window treatments can be a very costly items for your home. Over the years I've sewed a lot of my window treatments. I've made formal curtains for my living room, bedroom and fun stenciled baseball curtains for our sons' bedroom. I wish I'd taken photos of them but those curtains have come and gone long before my blogging days.

Today I thought I'd share with you the window treatments I made for my dinning room. My inspiration came while shopping at Lowe's. They had them in their curtain display for $20 a valance. Since I would be needing three valances it would add up to over $60. I thought: "I can make them cheaper."

I took my discount coupon and headed over to Jo Ann's Fabric.
Here I could purchase the fabric for half price ~ only $10. I already had white fabric lining leftover in my sewing room from a previous project at home. I then headed over to Wal Mart, and found three tassels for 75 cents each.

Later I wished I had made one for my kitchen as well.

While shopping I came upon this valance from Country Curtains for $49 per valance.

(photo from County Curtains)
You can imagine how excited I was to find it for $2.49 at my local thrift store.

The print is a slightly different toile pattern than my dinning room curtains, but they're not right next to each other to really notice the difference.

Making my curtains a very cost saving and thrifty deal for under four dollars each.

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  1. Great job! I love the toile and that curtain you "scored" at Goodwill...what a find.

  2. I lOOOVE the Toile! I really like the shape and the tassel you added! Really expensive looking! Great job and thanks for sharing!



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