Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day!

I thought today's gift would be a fitting gift to share since it's in patriotic colors. May we all remember the men and women who serve out country and make it a safe place for us to live.
Handmade gifts are fun to make and sometimes involves being creative.  A few years back our Christian school asked me to be on a committee to help grades k - 3 to make a gift for one of the parents.  Myself along with one other woman had to be a bit creative to come up with a project that would involve all the children.  We decided to make a quilt using pictures that each child in the class had colored.  Iron on transfer paper was used to make the picture into quilt blocks.

I did the sewing on the quilt because the other mother didn't know how to sew.

Because children are so precious, we chose Precious Moments pictures.


The parents loved the quilt because it's a quilt full of memories of each child who contributed to the quilt.

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