Thursday, April 14, 2011


Where do you get your decorating inspirations?  There are so many places we can get inspired including the Internet, hgtv, blogs, stores, shops and friends to name but a few.

We have friends that live about 5 hours from our home. Once or twice a year my husband is asked to preach in their church as a guest pastor.  We have stayed with these friends over the past 14 years.  They always make you feel like special guests... a basket of fruit on the cabinet and mints on your pillow. They love to have guests, and have always opened up a guest bedroom for us.  A year ago they decided to make a special place above their garage.  It was a dark and gungy space before the renovation.  Today I'd like to show you what welcomed us with our recent visit.  Everything was done on a budget using free or second hand items.

Welcome to the Guest House Loft nestled between the pine trees on a mountain side.  The guest house makes you feel like you're in a wonderful getaway retreat with the aroma of the pine trees and fresh mountain air.

 The queen bed was purchased from her brother for $30.  (He owns a motel and gets new beds every year and sells the old bed for a very low price.)  See how creative she was and used pine boards to act as the head board and an old dresser for the foot board.

She wanted to create an area that's quiet and serene just like the room's mountain side view. There will be no television in the room but rather a cozy sitting area to curl up and read a book.  She plans to add book shelves along with a small library.  The flooring was to be laid a few days after we left. 

The furniture in this area was all free!

 The text from Psalm 46 was painted on the wall by her daughter...a perfect addition to the room!

 The view from the kitchen looking toward the sitting and bed area. 

The kitchen with its fantastic mountain side view was stocked with beverages, fruit and a basket of chocolate candy! Yum!!  

She found the table and chairs for free, and the oak cabinets were purchased for only a few dollars at Kijiji.  I'll be anxious to see the loft next time with the appliances, wooden floors and trim installed.

I always enjoy seeing what others can do on a limited budget don't you?

Have a great day!


  1. This is so cozy and inviting. I just did my living room and every piece of furniture is thrift shop, yard sale or dumpster dive!And it looks beautiful!

  2. Found your blog and I really dig it! I am married to an associate pastor. Looks like you are making the paronage a beautiful home!



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