Monday, August 30, 2010

Thrifty Treasures

This past Saturday I was able to get out for a bit and do some thrift store and garage sale shopping. Here are a few of the treasures I found.

A brand new set of six vacuum canisters for $6... new price ~ $60!!!
(photo from
Here's a similar set at Amazon for $19.99 on sale (original price $25.99) ...making a set of six on sale for $40 plus shipping.

I'd just purchase a single canister on Thursday for $17 from Bed and Bath.

I was glad I hadn't used it and could return it to the store.

I think I got a pretty thrifty deal!!!

I also found this vintage ironing board for $3 at my local thrift store. They had a one day special ... all items in the store half price.

I love it because of its old chipped and worn wood.

Several years ago my grandmother gave me one very similar to this, but with our many moves back in seminary days. I ended up giving it to my sister. I always wished I'd kept it, but now I can have this one to remind me of grandma's.

Check back to my blog and see the great plans for this in my laundry room.

Last, but not least two vintage bowls.

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  1. Great finds, Joy!

    We take our kids to Disney World the first week of December as part of their Christmas every year. I think memories are more important than "stuff".

    Opening gifts and getting "new to you" things is alot of fun too. We shop all the time at garage sales & thriftstores for treasures to put under the tree. I have a locking armoir to store them in throughout the year. We rarely end up spending more than about $50 on each child and the gifts are always stacked up and overflowing. My neighbor thought I was a loon for giving my kids "used" stuff until she saw my awesome deals. She's jumped right on the bandwagon now!

    My kids still talk about years worth of Disney vacation memories but can't really remember what they unwrapped 9 months ago. I always say...the only things I'll have in heaven from this earth are my family and my memories! The rest of it doesn't matter.

  2. Great finds. I absolutely love that vintage ironing board.

  3. 50% off day is my fave!! Gret finds!

  4. Great finds! I just found your blog the other day and love posts like these. I'm generally not awake early enough to catch yard sales so I have to rely on Craigslist and Freecycle scouting. Loved seeing your deals!

  5. I love your finds Joy, you certainly got a thrifty deal on the cannisters! Pretty bowls too!


  6. great canisters! how extra cute would they be with vinyl stickers or chalkboard vinyl that we are seeing in blogland. part of my free haul was a big glass jar, but i think i will use it for storing craft items. not that i have many, lol, but i plan to amass some!

    so glad you stopped by!

  7. Good finds, I like those vacuum sealed containers--they look great!

  8. Joy, I have the blue stripe bowl. Actually three that nest inside of each other. I never even thought about a wood ironing board. I love to iron and love ironed clothes and pillow cases so the board fascinates me.



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