Friday, August 6, 2010

Give a New Look to Thrift Store Finds

You may remember that recently I purchased these jars
at a thrift store for .49 cents each.

Do you remember me telling you I wanted to spruce them up a bit?

I did this by bringing out my Cricut machine and vinyl, cutting numbers
and adhering them to the jars.

They now look like this...

While I had my machine out, I also gave my soap jar a face lift.

I found a use for my .99 cent thrift store basket by placing my fabric softener sheets in it.

Just a few simple changes adds the extra touches that keep your home pleasant and organized!

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  1. So wish I had a cricut. My sister in laws were just saying just last night that we should all go in together and buy one, more and more I am considering it. ;) The jars look great by the way!

  2. Looks great and so much like home!! I have to use the liquid detergent so I have it in the cabinet. I like the way the powder looks in the glass container on the dryer!

  3. It's those little touches that make a home a lovely place to be!

  4. Great touches :) I just bought a cricut and have been playing around with it.

  5. Love the soap dispenser...even mundane chores seem enjoyable when you have something pretty! Thanks for visiting me at GGH and leaving a sweet note as well. Bev

  6. This is exactly what making a home is all about!

    Many Blessings,

  7. I love your pantry jars. What a great deal! And I like how your fabric softener sheets are organized in a cute basket. That's a great idea!



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