Thursday, December 5, 2013


We woke up to snow on the ground this morning.  There's nothing like beautiful snow covered ground to get you in the mood for winter and Christmas decorating.  Since we're in a new parsonage this year and not enough room for our large Christmas tree that we've used other years.  We decided to buy a new smaller tree.  It was while shopping at Wal-Mart that we found the perfect little tree.  It's an artificial  six foot flocked tree with a smaller circumference.   I've been wanting to do a winter theme Christmas in our living room this year, and this tree was just perfect.  The past few years we didn't have a tree skirt and I improvised by using a table runner wrapped around the tree.  I thought a beautiful white fur skirt would look lovely under our new flocked tree.

I've seen some beautiful faux fur tree skirts, like the one at Pottery Barn for $129.  Since I don't have $129 to spend on a tree skirt, I decided to try and make my own version.  I was able to purchase 60 inch wide, faux fur fabric for 65 % off, on Veterans day.  Total cost for my fabric was  thirteen dollars!

Here's what I did to make my skirt.

I began by laying the fabric wrong side up.  I wanted a perfectly round circle and to make this, I took a sharpie pen and tide a long piece of jute string on to it.

This was the tool I used to make my circle.  Marking  the center of the fabric, I placed the sting on this center point.  Then with the string tight I used my pen to begin to draw a complete circle. ( I did half at a time since my counter was not large enough.)

Once the line was drawn, I began to cut out my circle.  Cutting on the underside of the fabric  helps to prevent a lot of fuzz.  After the circle was cut, I took a small glass and drew a circle in the middle of the fabric.  This was my guide for cutting the opening where the tree trunk will be.

I then began cutting a straight line from the edge of the fabric to the center circle.  Followed by cutting out the circle in the center of the fabric.

Now the skirt was ready to wrap around the tree.

I thought about adding a lining but decided it looked pretty without one.

I'll show you what I did with the fabric remnants in my next few posts, along with a photo of the full tree.  Hopefully I can get a good photo of it when the sun comes out.

Have a great day!

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  1. From what I can see of your tree it is so pretty, love the blue! The fur tree skirt was a great idea too, turned out great.

  2. love this joy so warm and trendy too. makes me want to curl up under the tree. featuring you tonight on the blog and thanks for linking up!



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