Friday, December 12, 2014


I started a few projects back in November and I'm happy to say I can finally show you one of them completed.  The project completed is my Jingle Lumbar Pillow.  I  loved this pillow when I first saw it some time ago in the Pottery Barn catalog, however this pillow comes with a price tag of $39.50.  That price is just a bit much for me, and I knew I could make one for a lot less.

Here's my version....

You can view the inspiration for this Pottery Barn pillow here.

Jingle Lumbar Pillow

You can view the inspiration for this Pottery Barn pillow here.

I thought I'd share how simple this pillow was to make.

Here's a list of the supplies I used.

*Christmas red craft paint
* Paint brush
* Freezer paper (waxed on one side)
* Jingle bells
* Burlap cut 12 1/2 inches by 24 1/2 inches
* Fabric 12 1/2" X 24 1/2 " for lining and back of pillow
* Fabric for lining and back of pillow
* Exacto knife

I started by drawing out my own version of Jingle onto paper.  I then copied it onto the non waxed side of the freezer paper.

Once I had it sketched onto the freezer paper, I used an exacto knife to cut out the insides of the letters.

Using a hot iron, I placed the waxed side of the freezer paper onto my pre-cut 12 1/2 X 24 1/2 inch burlap.  The next step was to iron the paper onto the burlap.

Now came the fun part.

Using the Christmas red craft paint and a stencil paint brush, I simply filled in the cut out "stencil" spaces dabbing the excess paint onto a paper towel first.

Once painted, I removed my stencil and painted on some swirls and dots for the "j and i".  I found this part a little difficult.  I wished I had a sharpie paint pen or a brush that was a little stiffer.  It was hard to get the swirls on the rough burlap since I'm not real good at free handing things.  The end result was less swirls on the burlap.

The burlap I used had rather large openings in the grain of the fabric.  I sewed a remnant piece of fabric to the burlap making it more stable for attaching the jingle bells.  This also prevented the batting from poking out of the holes.  I used three different size jingle bells for this pillow.  I used the smaller ones for dotting the "i and j",  a medium size at the bottom of the g and larger ones on the four corners.  I then took a piece of scrap fabric for the back of the  pillow.  I sewed it (right sides of fabric together) to the front of the fabric.  I left a small opening to place the batting into the pillow.  I turned the pillow right sides out and added pillow batting to the inside.  Once the pillow was stuffed with the batting, I hand stitched the opening shut.

Here's my version of the Jingle lumbar pillow.

It looks good next to the snowflake pillows I made last year.

The total cost for this pillow was a mere three dollars.  I used what I had and only had to buy the paint and jingle bells.  Since I'm so thrifty, I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to purchase the jingle bells.  The paint was on sale for fifty cents.   That's a $36.50 savings!!!  I'd say that's a pretty good savings!

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