Thursday, December 18, 2014


Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes decorating your home for the holiday.  I will be sharing my Christmas home tour with you very soon, but today I wanted to share with you a little project I just finished for the kitchen.  It's a Ballard Designs tinsel branch knockoff.

 Making my home sparkle at Christmas is always fun using glittery ornaments and tinsel. I also love adding natural items here and there.  When I saw the beautiful glittery tinsel branches that Susanne Kasler created at Ballard Designs, I knew I wanted to make one of these pretty branches for my home.  You can purchase the champagne colored branches at Ballard Designs for $19,  but I knew I could make my own for less.

While shopping at Mernard's with my husband recently, I found the tinsel that would work for this project for a mere $1.29.

The tinsels used on the branch at Ballard Design are glitter branches in antique silver also sold at Ballad Design.  I however could only find green pine branches.  Since I wanted my branch to have a glitter look, I thought the tinsel garland (pictured below) was a better option.

To make this project, I started out with a branch that had come down with a recent storm in our back yard.  I had my husband cut it to size for me.

I wrapped the branch with the tinsel garland, but I didn't want the branch to be completely covered, so I left parts of the branches exposed.  The tinsel adds a beautiful extra sparkle to the branch.

The next thing I did was to add the Christmas ornaments.  I used ornaments I already had placing the  prettiest mercury glass ornament in the middle.

I attached the ornaments to the branch using gold ribbon and white ribbon with gold polka dots varying the heights of the ribbon as I attached them.

I wanted to hang this above the kitchen sink.  The big question was "how to attach the branch"?  The solution I came up with was command hooks.  I let them adhere for over an hour before attaching my branch.  I did not want my pretty ornaments to come crashing down.

I however made a mistake.  Once I hung the branch, my command hooks stayed up, but my ribbon attaching the branch to the hooks came skidding off and crashing into the sink!!!  Down came my branch with my pretty mercury glass ornament crashing into a million pieces!  I could have cried!  It was one of my few expensive ornaments.  Lesson learned - attach the ribbon with thumb tacks to make sure it will not slip off.

Since adding the thumb tack my branch has stayed up with out any more crashes.

This looks very pretty at night with the light reflecting off the tinsel.  I tried to take a photo at night, but it just did not pick up on the sparkle.

Total cost for this project was $2.29.  I'd say that makes for another thrifty project!

Have a great day!

( I am not being paid or compensated by Ballard Designs, but wanted to link to their site so you could see my inspiration.)

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