Wednesday, November 12, 2014


The cold winter weather has hit us the past few days. Our temperatures have dipped into the teens and we woke up to snow falling this morning.  I decided it was time to add some soft and cozy winter items to the living room.  I'm not moving out my fall decor just yet, but just adding a few winter touches.

I love the chunky cable knit pillows that Pottery Barn has.  The drawback to the Pottery Barn pillows is the price tag they come with  - $59.50, on sale for $45.   As you may know, a few DIY's have come up with their own version of these pillows using recycled sweaters. You can find many of the tutorials on Pinterest. Since I had an old sweater that would work perfect for this project, I decided to plunge in and make my own too.

Cable knit speaks - WINTER  to me, so I dug out an old sweater and made it into a pocket pillow.  A pocket pillow slipcover was the perfect choice for this pillow, as I used one of my spring/summer pillows as the pillow insert.  This kept the cost down for this pillow because I didn't have to buy an insert.  If you'd like to know how to make a pocket pillow, you can read my tutorial - Simple Pillows Anyone Can Make .  

This sweater originally had an open front with large brown buttons.  I decided to remove the large buttons and sew the front shut.  I then had a flat closed sweater to work with .  I used the bottom hem of the sweater to make the pocket on the back of the pillow.  This made it simple and I didn't even have to finish the opening edge.

While shopping at TJ Maxx recently, I came across the most soft and luxurious throw.  I've been wanting one of these for a while.  I had some birthday gift money left from this summer, so I decided to pamper myself and buy one.  I wish you could feel it, it is so soft and will be great to snuggle up in on the cold winter nights.

Now that I had a finished pillow and a throw, it was time to add the winter touches to the living room.

The cable knit pillow and soft throw add just the right texture and softness to the room.

A cozy cable knit sweater pillow along with the ultimate soft luxurious throw.....

...adds a touch of winter elements to the room.

This pillow was a fun DIY, that took only a small amount of time to make.  It was very budget friendly too, using items I already had.  Total cost for this pillow was under two dollars.  My sweater was a thrift store find from a few years ago and a spring pillow insert.  It's amazing what you can create using what you have.

All I need now is a cup of hot chocolate with a good book and snuggle in under the warm throw.

Have a great day!


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