Monday, May 20, 2013


Life has been very busy at the Parsonage. Even though you haven't heard from me in a week, I've gotten a lot of things accomplished.  I finished my nursing continue ed course, attended a lot of graduations, done more painting and varnishing.

The best project to have completed is the windows.  Back at the end of February and first of April the construction began on the Parsonage.  The siding and windows were removed and replaced with new.  Since then this is how our windows have looked, no casing or trim.

Every evening we hung table clothes, sheets and drop cloths over the windows for privacy.

The carpenter finished making the casing and trim for the windows and dropped them off at the house.  Now the work was up to me to keep this project moving.  The first job was to stain all the wood to match the rest of the woodwork and trim in the house.  Followed by two layers of varnish with a light sanding after each coat.

As soon as I had it all finished I called the carpenter to let him know it was ready for installation.  It only took a few days for him to come and hang everything.

This is how they look all finished.

It's such an improvement over the old windows.

Now comes the fun part - picking out new window treatments.  My plans are to buy some blinds but also make a few coverings as well. 

I've been getting inspirations on Pinterest. 

I love the stenciled curtains made by Rita @ Harbour Breeze Home

These damask stenciled curtains are lovely too from Gardener 2 Bergers.

I also love these Roman Blinds that Simply Mrs. Edwards made.

I know it may seem like not much is getting done at The Parsonage, since you have not seen many finished projects.  I'm hoping to be able to show you some of the rooms in The Parsonage soon, now that the windows are in and finished.  I can move on to finishing rooms!

Have a great day!


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